We are inspiring leaders who inspire leaders. By implementing emerging technology, we use innovative marketing to support and develop environment sustainability and entrepreneurship, public policy campaigns, economic development and education initiatives, and university & community collaborations. Located in the College of Business at Tennessee Tech University, the BusinessMedia Center is creating cutting-edge solutions for multilevel needs. We go far beyond campus and regional parameters to be a resource like no other. To reach us, e-mail info@ttubusiness.com or fill out a request for information here. Click on any of the below projects to learn more about them. If you are interested in an internship at the BMC, fill out the Internship Application.

Environmental Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

Public Policy Campaigns

Economic Development & Education Initiatives

University & Community Collaborations

"The BusinessMedia Center has given me such unique and valuable business experience. It is an inviting and professional work environment that offers students the opportunities to develop their technical, public speaking, strategic marketing, and professional communication skills. As founder of the BusinessMedia Center, Kevin Liska has an incredible ability to find, polish, utilize, and showcase the diamonds in the rough walking through these halls. This is a win-win-win for the BMC, the students, and the companies that will hire them." – Lindsey Jarratt.

“Working at the BusinessMedia Center has been an experience of unimaginable possibilities. From internships to meeting great people within the business profession, the Center has given me insight to the professionalism and creativity that is needed in the business world. While at the BMC, I have had the opportunity to work with many great students. I have been a part of team projects that have been very successful. All in all, the BusinessMedia Center is a great place to not only work but create lifelong friendships.” – Kallie Haley.

“Interning with the BusinessMedia Center has provided me with real-life marketing and business experience. As an intern at Tennessee Tech University's BusinessMedia Center, I get to do tasks involved in all facets of business: public speaking, time management, marketing, scheduling, writing press releases and creating websites. I’ve gained plenty of experience in technological marketing and business environments that will help me further my career after college, plus I’ve earned money to help pay for my education.” – Aaron Hill.

“Working in the BusinessMedia Center has been the most beneficial, influential collegiate experience I could ask for. Not only am I surrounded by the most technologically advanced and cutting-edge equipment on campus, I am lucky enough to work with the most creative and brilliant students and faculty as well. In addition, my networking portfolio has grown exponentially with all of the work we have done with business and community leaders, artists, graphic designers, film industrialists, and engineers. I am thankful daily for my inclusion in this fantastic group of determined individuals, and I know that my time here will be a driving force in my future endeavors.” – Mack Lunn.

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Dean Kenneth Wiant

Dr. Kenneth J. Wiant was appointed Dean of the Tennessee Tech University (TTU) College of Business effective January 1, 2014. He brings years of professional, academic and administrative experience to the position. 

Dean Wiant joined the TTU faculty in 2003 as a professor of finance. He served as Director of the TTU Technology Institute from 2007-2010.  Prior to joining TTU, he held various positions at Florida Atlantic University including Associate Dean, Associate Vice President and Vice President.  Presently, among other research projects, he is working on the impact of Cookeville Regional Medical Center on the Upper Cumberland Region.
Kevin Liska

Kevin Liska has developed the Center’s niche toward critical public policy challenges, environmental stewardship, entrepreneurship, and safety. For more than a decade, he has led the BusinessMedia Center in implementing emerging business technologies to assist various businesses, organizations, institutions, governmental agencies and universities.  He has helped hundreds of high-growth entrepreneurs and implemented several unique statewide public campaigns.  Liska’s enthusiasm in the classroom earned him the University's Pan-Hellenic Faculty Member of the Year award, the Curtis Kinslow Award of Excellence in Teaching and the Outstanding Faculty Award for Excellence in Overall Performance.  He has also received TTU's Outstanding Professional Award and the College of Business Award for Outstanding Service. Contact him at kliska@tntech.edu

Michael Aikens

Michael Aikens, commonly known as “Manager Michael” keeps things running smoothly around the BusinessMedia Center. As project manager for the Regents Online Campus Collaborative and the multisite Tennessee Technology Centers, Michael has become an expert in project management and website design and development. In his free time, Michael enjoys paddling, hiking, and spending time outdoors. Michael specializes in projects that involve economic development, educational marketing, and information delivery. Michael also presents on various topics including entrepreneurship, website management, and professional conduct. Contact him at maikens@tntech.edu

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison began his career at the BusinessMedia Center as a work-study student and made such a great contribution that the BMC couldn’t let him go. Since then, he has been the Media and Technology Specialist that has spearheaded the Center’s quest for implementing new, innovative technology. Paul, coined the BMC’s “resident genius”, works on various projects including animation, website development, and video production. Paul has the unique ability to quickly solve problems and has been the developer on multiple award-winning websites. In his free time, Paul is a world traveler extraordinaire and aspiring artist. He is also continually researching emerging technologies and new techniques that gives the BMC its competitive edge. Contact him at pharrison@tntech.edu

Julie Brewer

Julie Brewer has been managing the statewide Ollie Otter Booster Seat and Seat Belt Safety Program since it began. Building on her experience working with children and her educational background in Psychology, Julie coordinates over 350 elementary school presentations across the state each year. Having built relationships with the Governor’s Highway Safety Office, the 27 Technology Centers in Tennessee, and Coordinated School Health, Julie works with over 800 volunteers and several hundred more law enforcement officers. With Julie managing, organizing, and coordinating the program, Ollie Otter visits nearly 100,000 children per year.  Julie likes to volunteer with Rising above Ministries, the Grove, and running marathons. Contact her at jbrewer@tntech.edu


McNally Lunn

Mack has been a fixture in the BMC for four years and is highly skilled in web development and graphic design.  Mack joined the team during his undergraduate studies at TN Tech and continued his education in the MBA program at TTU.  Mack provides skills in the development of social media and marketing campaigns.

Contact Mack @ mlunn@tntech.edu

Sonni Mackzum

Also a TTU COB graduate, Sonni interned at the BMC during her undergraduate studies and is now working with the Regents Online Campus Collaborative (ROCC). Sonni has excellent skills in public relations and communications. Sonni is also continuing her education in the MBA program at TTU.

Contact Sonni @ smackzum@tntech.edu

Joseph Powell 

Joe joined the BusinessMedia Center in 2011 and co-manages the Governor's Highway Safety Office (GHSO) marketing campaign. The GHSO's mission is to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries resulting from traffic crashes on Tennessee's roadways. Joe facilitates training of local law enforcement personell for GHSO. Joe also is working towards his MBA at TN Tech.

Contact Joe @



Callie Bird

Callie joined the BMC while studying for a degree in Human Resources at TTU. Callie was a natural fit working with the Governor's Highway Safety Office as a coordinator for the Ollie Otter Booster Seat and Seat Belt Safety Program.  Callie is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. 

Contact Callie @ cbird@tntech.edu

Stephanie Scarborough

Stephanie joins the BMC from East TN State University. Stephanie has blended in to the BMC family bringing with her graphic design skills for web and print.  She lends strong skills in videography and photography to the BMC portfolio. Stephanie is working on the development of several applications and has produced multiple video public service announcements for the BMC.

Contact Stephanie @ sscarborough@tntech.edu


Megan Osborne

Megan completed her undergraduate studies at TTU and joined the BMC staff full time in 2014. Megan was an intern at the BMC learning and developing skills which allowed her to transition into a full time role and she continues her education in the MBA program as well. Megan has strong interpersonal skills and is currently involved in the development of applications for several BMC projects.

contact Megan @ mosborne@tntech.edu



Academic Excellence & Quality Award
The BusinessMedia Center has received the prestigious Academic Excellence and Quality Award from the Tennessee Board of Regents Committee on Academic Policies and Programs.

Computer-based Public Education Technology Award
The BMC has earned a Pinnacle Award from Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing for its work on the TTU School of Nursing recruitment CD-ROM.

Outstanding Professional Award
Kevin Liska, BMC Director, has been honored with TTU's Outstanding Professional Award for his work with the center.

Developed the Nation's First Virtual Incubator
The BMC developed the nation's first virtual incubator -- a rural economic development tool that supports the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies by offering them access to computers, software, shared equipment (like digital cameras) and training material.

Nonprofit Bronze Horizon Award
The BMC earned this award for the Ollie Otter Seat Belt and Booster Seat Safety Program campaign.


Government Agency Gold Horizon Award
In partnership with Tennessee Small Business Development Center, the BMC won this award for the Small Business Survival Training campaign.

Nonprofit Bronze Horizon Award
The BMC earned this award for the comprehensive redesign and development of the Regents Online Campus Collaborative campaign.

Tennessee GHSO Director Award
The Governor’s Highway Safety Office gave this award to the BMC in recognition of its work on the Ollie Otter Booster Seat and Seat Belt Safety Program.

American Road & Transportation Builders Association National Award for Private Outreach
The BMC was the recipient of this national award for its work on the Ollie Otter Booster Seat and Seat Belt Safety Program.

Gold, Platinum, & Honorable Mention Marcom Awards
The Center received five awards for its work on the ROCC website, branding, and print materials.